Your Elland, Your Environment

almost 2 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has now concluded.

One of the main objectives of the Access Package is to improve the environment (also known as the public realm) of cycling and walking routes to / from the Station from the town centre and surrounding areas. The routes have been split down into primary and secondary, with primary routes providing more direct / attractive links and secondary routes providing less direct alternatives. The proposals to improve these links include potential upgrades to the existing underpasses of the A629 and railway, locations for the provision of public art and improvements to the riverside park and other public areas. Further details of these are available in the plans section of this page or will be displayed at our drop-in sessions. We'd like to know what you think... Do you have any suggestions for improvements or ideas for public art in the area? What would you like to see in Riverside park? Comment below and let us know...

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  • Gerry about 2 years ago
    I would like to see really good lighting in the Riverside Park to make it feel like a safe place to walk at night - also public art there might make it a place that is used before the station comes along = at present people know little about it and dont use it at all. As someone who lives right up by the cricket club it feels as if it might be easier to walk to town to get the train than walk to Elland station without making it all a bit easier - it is a long walk!!