Will the Travel Centre service be reduced?

    The aim of this project is to increase the capacity of the travel centres, using self-service to serve more passengers, more quickly, than has previously been possible. This will result in a more efficient service for passengers.

    Will the Travel Centre service be available during construction?

    The construction phase programme is yet to be determined but we are clear that the services provided by the travel centres cannot cease during this time. In some circumstances, the travel centre may be relocated, in which case the old travel centre can remain open during construction. Should the location of the travel centre remain the same, a degree of service will remain.

    Will over the counter service provision still be available?

    There will continue to be over the counter service provision at each of the travel centres, with customer service advisors who will be able to carry out cash transactions and help passengers who require, or feel more comfortable with, face-to-face service.

    Will there be someone available to help passengers use the new self-service options?

    Staff will continue to be available at the travel centres and will provide help to passengers to use the new self-service provision.

    Will I still be able to pick up a paper timetable?

    Although we are trying to reduce the carbon footprint of the travel centres, by reducing paper timetables, passengers who would still like a paper copy timetable will still be able to pick one up at the travel centre.

    Who are the funders and what is the cost of the total scheme?

    To complete the refurbishment of the travel centres, £1 million worth of Local Transport Plan funding is available. It is not yet known how much the individual sites will cost to refurbish as the designs have not currently progressed far enough to make an accurate cost estimate.

    Will the other Travel Centres also be refurbished at a later date?

    The design elements will be looked at for the other travel centres as part of this project, to ensure consistency throughout West Yorkshire. However, at present, it is not known when funding will be available to undertake further refurbishment works. Refurbishment may take place where wider bus station work is taking place.

    How are we making this engagement accessible during COVID-19?

    Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidelines still being in force, we are unable to hold face to face engagement. We are taking steps to ensure people who use the travel centres know about the engagement and can have their say by displaying posters, promoting the engagement via real time and social media and via Metro Messenger. We will also be writing to those who have registered via the Your Voice website and have opted to be kept informed of any future engagement.

    What are the timescales for delivering the scheme?

    The scheme is currently in the early stages of design development. The design phase is due to complete in November 2021 and construction at each of the centres is presently due to take place between December 2021 and August 2022, subject to Combined Authority approvals.

    How can I have my say?

    Feedback can be provided via our online survey at www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/travelcentresurvey. Hardcopies of the surveys are also available via the relevant travel centre.

    We are encouraging people to register on www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk to be kept involved and informed about the development of the scheme.

    How long are we engaging for?

    Public consultation on the proposals contained in the scheme will take place from 20 July until 2 August 2020 (2 weeks).

    How will we ensure the engagement will be accessible to people who do not have access to the Internet?

    Posters and real time messages are being provided in the affected bus stations. Hard copies of the surveys are available from the relevant Travel Centres and can also be requested via MetroLine on 0113 245 7676.

    How will l be kept informed of the progress of the project?

    You can register to follow the project and have your say in future consultations at www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/travelcentresurvey. We will also publish the outcome report on the above web page.

    Who will be analysing the survey responses?

    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority will be analysing the responses and will produce the final outcome report.