What is the Core bus network?

    The Core bus network is a network of bus stops with frequent services that run at least every 15 minutes or serve key destinations.

    Are you re-designing the bus network?

    No, this project is not re-designing the existing bus network, we are improving the wayfinding offer to help people use the bus system more easily. Any information produced will reflect the current bus network.

    Why aren’t all bus routes included?

    We are helping people get round the City using the Core “turn up and go” services. The colour coded maps will be complemented by a printable, more detailed route map on the West Yorkshire Metro website.

    Where will the new maps be displayed?

    The maps will be displayed at strategic locations and bus shelters across Leeds. We will also look to produce leaflets that will be available at Travel Centres.

    Are you installing new bus shelters?

    Some new bus shelters will be installed in the City Centre as part of the Gateways projects on the Headrow, Infirmary street and at the Corn Exchange. Some poles and bus stop flags will be replaced as part of the Real Time Information project on the network. We will retrofit current shelters on the network with these designs.

    What is a bus line on the core bus network?

    We have created 13 bus lines that radiate out from Leeds city centre. These lines group together the core bus services on that route e.g. the Meanwood line groups together services 51, 52 and 7.

    What is Connecting Leeds?

    In December 2016, Transport Committee considered the submission of the Leeds Strategic Outline Case, which was a £270m package of measures to improve public transport in Leeds District. It included the £173.5m which had previously been identified for the NGT trolleybus project. The documentation was submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) in December and is available at www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/all-news-and-blogs/news-archive/leeds-transport-strategy-submitted-to-department-for-transport/ (External link).

    Monies from Leeds City Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority of £8.800m and £0.966m respectively will increase the funding to £183.266m. The programme also includes private sector finance including expenditure on more environmentally friendly buses by bus operators bringing the total programme investment to over £270m.

    Following consideration of the submission, the Department approved the programme on 21 April 2017. The main conditions of the grant from the DfT are that the funding is to be used for public transport improvements in Leeds which must be substantially complete by March 2021. More information about those transport improvements can be found at: www.leeds.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/connecting-leeds-and-transforming-travel (External link).

    What will happen if a bus route changes?

    We are working in partnership with bus operators to ensure that if and when a route changes, we can update the information on the map, bus flags and shelters as soon as possible.

    Why are you only doing this in Leeds?

    Funding has been secured from the Government as part of an overall allocation of £ 175.5 million investment for transport improvements in Leeds city centre. This funding has been secured specifically for Leeds, but we will be bidding for further funding so that we can work with our partners to make improvements to bus stops and shelters on key routes across West Yorkshire

    Will this be provided in accessible formats?

    Yes, we are looking into ways we can do this, including creating a tailored interactive web map showing high contrast and colour-blind accessible maps; adding bus stop information to the map such as raised kerbs or real time information and producing the maps in accessible formats online.

    Will I be able to access this information online?

    Yes, you will be able to access the map on the WY Metro and various other websites that we will advertise. We are looking at ways of transferring this information on to an online platform.

    Who operates my bus service?

    There are a number of different operators across Leeds and this project will not impact or change individual services.

    Are you going to roll out this project to other areas of West Yorkshire?

    Yes, subject to funding, we are looking into deliver across West Yorkshire in 2022.

    Who is responsible for delivering the scheme?

    The scheme is being delivered by West Yorkshire Combined Authority with funding from the Connecting Leeds programme.

    What other projects are the West Yorkshire Combined Authority doing to tie in with this project?

    As part of the Connecting Leeds programme, there will be a range of other improvements that tie in with this project, some include:

    • 500 new battery powered Real Time information screens with audio that are being rolled out across the city that include audio information. 
    • Addition of audio-visual information on buses.
    • Improvements to Leeds bus station, including audio and wayfinding information through signage and floor texture.

    Can the money be spent on other things? (e.g. bus services, other projects)

    This scheme has funding allocated to it as part of the Connecting Leeds programme and therefore the funding will not be able to be spent on any other proposals or scheme. If the Combined Authority does not accept the business case, then the scheme cannot go ahead, and the money put aside for this project will be reallocated elsewhere in the Connecting Leeds programme.

    What is the total cost of the scheme?

    The total cost is proposed to be £1.8m, subject to approval of the Full Business Case in summer 2020.

    What are the timescales for delivery?

    Subject to approval, works will start in autumn 2020.