Context and project delivery

    Who is responsible for improving Halifax Bus Station?

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority is the owner and operator of the existing bus station, and is responsible for making the improvements at Halifax Bus Station. The Combined Authority works with Local Authorities and businesses across West Yorkshire and York to create economic growth through large and small-scale infrastructure projects such as this.

    Why do you need to do something?

    The existing bus station does not meet modern standards and the Halifax Bus Station project aims to address this by creating a new, efficient layout that provides a better offer for passengers and therefore encourages the use of public transport in Halifax and the wider Leeds City Region.

    What are the timescales for redeveloping Halifax Bus Station?

    Subject to approval and funding, construction will start in 2021 and will be due to complete in 2022.


    What is the total cost of redeveloping Halifax Bus Station?

    The estimated cost of redeveloping Halifax Bus Station is £15.4 million.

    Can the money be spent on other things instead of improving the bus station? (e.g. bus services, other projects)

    The proposal for a new bus station in Halifax is part of a competitive bid for funding from the Department for Transport. If successful, the funding must be spent on this project.


    What is being proposed for the Halifax Bus Station redevelopment? How will bus users benefit?

    The proposals are described in detail on LINK TO DISPLAY BOARDS. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

    • Improved accessibility for all users, with a central level concourse, level boarding of buses, accessible toilet facilities and wayfinding for the partially sighted
    • Improved safety and security, with a single passenger concourse, CCTV, separated bus and pedestrian movements, automatic doors to bus stands and main entrances, fences to encourage the use of safe routes and toilet charges to deter to anti-social behaviour
    • Facilitation of growth in bus use, with two additional bus stands and three additional bus layover bays
    • Improved interchange, with better improved walking routes to the town centre, Sixth Form Centre and Dean Clough; a fully enclosed single passenger concourse with all bus stands in one place; comprehensive bus information in a central location; and provision of real-time bus and rail information. Cycling provision will also be improved, with secure bike storage and new routes to the bus station from Northgate and Winding Road

    The project will also contribute to the Leeds City Region’s objective to be carbon neutral by 2038 by delivering an efficient bus station facility, which includes: 

    • The use of environmentally friendly building materials 
    • Reduced energy use by introducing efficiency measures, including LED lights and energy saving glazing
    • Reduced waste
    • Recycling
    • Local energy generation through solar panels
    • Clean energy opportunities through the provision of ducting for charge points for electric buses and cycles


    What do you hope to achieve by making the improvements?

    The new bus station will be an important transport hub and gateway into Halifax Town Centre, providing key connections for visitors, students and workers to access employment, education, leisure and other essential services.

    The project aims to deliver a modern, fit for purpose facility that complements the surrounding heritage, public realm and urban fabric of Halifax town centre.

    How will non-bus users benefit?

    The project will enhance existing buildings and the surrounding public realm, creating a more attractive environment for local people and businesses.

    The redevelopment will include deterrents for anti-social behaviour, making the surrounding area a safer place to be.


    Will electric buses serve the new bus station?

    Introducing new types of buses falls out of the scope of this project. However, the new bus station will be compatible with the emerging West Yorkshire Electric Bus Strategy, which will include electric bus charging points.

    How will the bus station address Calderdale’s climate emergency?

    This project will contribute to the Leeds City Region’s objective to be carbon neutral by 2038 by delivering; an efficient bus station facility, local energy generation using solar panels, clean energy opportunities through the provision of ducting for charge points for electric buses and cycles, reduced carbon emissions from private vehicles by encourage the use of public transport and active travel.

Bus Routes

    Will the work on site impact on my bus route?

    Yes. During construction it is likely that the bus station will be closed. We will use existing town centre bus stops and where this is not possible, temporary bus stops will be in place near the bus station.

    There will be communications to inform passengers about the temporary arrangements prior to construction. Information will be available at, on buses, at bus stops and at local bus stations.

    Will all bus routes from the station continue to operate?

    The redevelopment will not have a direct impact on the operation of any bus services in Halifax and may encourage bus operators to run additional services in the future.

Compatibility with other projects

    Will there be a bus-rail interchange in Halifax? How does this project relate to the Halifax Rail Station project?

    Interchange between bus and rail will be improved by providing real-time information for rail services within the bus station. Calderdale Council is developing other projects that will improve bus and rail interchange. As part of the A629 Halifax Town Centre project, a bus-rail interchange will be introduced near the train station and the Halifax Rail Station project will significantly improve accessibility to this interchange. This will link directly with the new bus station. See for more information.

    Is this project compatible with the A629 Halifax Town Centre project?

    The A629 Halifax to Huddersfield Corridor comprises a multi-modal corridor improvements scheme which will drive economic growth by addressing transport and accessibility issues. The A629 Halifax Town Centre project (Phase 2) will complement the Halifax bus station redevelopment by delivering the following bus travel improvements:

    • Creating a bus-rail interchange outside Halifax rail station
    • Creating a bus-box (bus route loop around the town centre), which will improve connectivity to the rail station, the cultural attractions on the eastern side of the town and the bus station
    • Improving the route west of the town centre to reduce congestion and improve journey times.


    Is the project guaranteed to be delivered? Who is paying for the improvements? Where is the money coming from?

    The project was included in the Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) bid to the Department for Transport. A funding decision is expected in March 2020 and all projects must be complete by March 2023. Until there is clarity on the TCF bid, delivery of this project cannot be confirmed.

    What if First and Arriva stop serving West Yorkshire?

    It has recently been announced that both First Group and Arriva are up for sale. At present, many of their bus routes are run commercially, with some subsidised by the Combined Authority.

    The Combined Authority is committed to protecting local passengers’ interests and will work with the new owners to ensure services are maintained.

    The Combined Authority are also considering participating in the forthcoming sale of First West Yorkshire.

Feedback and keeping up to date

    How can members of the public have their say?

    Members of the public can have their say via or attend one of the drop-in sessions where officers will be available to answer any questions.

    We are encouraging people to register on to be kept involved.

    When can I take part?

    The consultation is open from Monday 13 January to Wednesday 12 February 2020.

    I work for a group/organisation and transport is important to the staff/business, can I take part in the engagement with shared views?

    Yes, we would welcome any group/organisational views on this scheme. Please make sure that you have permission to comment on behalf of your group/organisation.

    What will you do with all the feedback received during the engagement period?

    The feedback will be analysed, and recommendations will be made.

    How will I be kept informed of the outcome of this engagement?

    There will be various ways in which members of the public can have their say, including opportunities to comment as part of the planning application process. Updates will be provided to those who have registered to follow the project via People can also keep informed via and press articles.