Who is proposing these changes?

    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance. 

    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is the Transport Authority for the West Yorkshire region. This means that we manage public transport facilities like bus stops and bus stations under our ‘Metro’ brand, we provide travel information and deliver the  ‘MCard’ ticket range. We also invest just over £9 million per year to provide discounted travel for Under 19s.

    The West Yorkshire Bus Alliance brings together the Combined Authority and all of the West Yorkshire bus companies and is working to get more people using bus services in our region. 

    Who do the proposals apply to?

    The proposals apply to under 19s.

    Are there any discounts for young people who are 19 and over?

    The 19-25 or Student PhotoCard provides holders with huge savings on unlimited bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire when loaded with weekly, monthly or termly tickets. Up to 45% discount off the equivalent adult-priced ticket. They are available to anyone aged under 26, whether they are studying, working or just want much cheaper travel as well as to full-time students aged over 26.

    When will the changes take places?

    It is proposed that the new Fare Deal scheme will be introduced in September 2020.

    Will I still be able to buy the MyDay Ticket?

    You will still be able to buy the MyDay ticket for all day travel on any bus in West Yorkshire.

    What else is planned?

    To encourage young people who don’t regularly use the bus, the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance are going to relax the rules so that young people will only need to show identification to prove their age if they look older than 19 to enjoy travel discounts. This is in addition to the previous initiative which meant that young people wearing school uniform are not required to show any form of identification.

    Will these changes affect the fares for travelling on dedicated school bus services?

    The new simplified bus fare system is just for under 19s using standard bus services and will not affect the cost of travelling on dedicated school bus services.