What measures will be delivered?

    Calderdale Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority are in the early stages of developing plans to invest in better transport infrastructure and make the streets in your area better places to walk, cycle, use public transport and spend time in. These could include, for example, pedestrian crossings; places to stop and rest; reducing through traffic on residential streets; traffic free cycle lanes; and greenery. Getting an understanding of the things that are important to local people will help us to develop ideas that reflect what local people want.

    When would you make these changes?

    The first stages will be consultation with residents which will take place during late 2020 and early 2021.  Once we have identified the types of improvements we would like to make we will work closely with residents to share timeframes and we will plan construction to minimise disruption to those who live, work and travel in the area.   As part of this planning we would coordinate closely with other construction works in the area, and consider alternative ways of working including advance works, weekends and evenings.

    We would keep residents, businesses and community groups informed so they can plan ahead, reducing any impact on their journeys, lives and businesses.  

    Which areas are you looking at?

    We are particularly looking to engage with the communities in North Halifax (Illingworth, Ovenden, Pellon, Lee Mount and Mixenden) and parts of Park Ward. These areas contain well used routes through Calderdale which can be busy at times. There is also poor air quality in some of these areas, and limited attractive space for safe walking and cycling. 

    Is there funding available to deliver these measures?

    Yes. There are three areas of funding that has been identified for our proposals and the information you provide will help us make the best possible decisions about where to spend this.

    Calderdale Council has funding for improvements in Park Ward to make the streets in this area more pleasant, safe, and attractive. We want to reduce noise and air pollution and improve accessibility to make sure that everyone can get out and about. Ultimately, we hope this will deliver a healthier, more inclusive area where people choose to walk, cycle and use public transport. 

    In addition, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority has received funding through the Transforming Cities Fund programme. This is a major new programme of investment that aims to deliver transformational, new infrastructure and help create a step change in travel across the region, and is essential to reducing reliance on car travel and meeting the wider Leeds City Region commitment to become a net zero carbon city region by 2038.

    Click here for more information: https://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/improving-transport/transforming-cities-fund/

    Areas of both North Halifax and Park Ward could benefit from this fund. Furthermore, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority also seeks to spend some of the Corridor Improvement Programme (CIP) on the A629 corridor from Halifax town centre through into Ovenden and Illingworth.

    What will the information I provide be used for?

    All information you provide will only be used in the manner described in our privacy notice which can be read on this webpage. 

    What if I have a comment relating to the maintenance or upkeep of an existing road or pavement?

    To raise an issue, please contact the Calderdale roads and highways maintenance team directly by clicking here.