What is the purpose of the scheme?

    The scheme will provide a safe and accessible route across the A629 to enable people to move more safely between Steeton and Silsden, and provide better access to facilities such as the rail station and Airedale Hospital.

    Why are there three options? Have you considered any other options?

    A total of 23 different options were considered during the development of the Outline Business Case. A scoring exercise was carried out to determine whether each of these options should be completely discounted, be “parked” for further consideration or progress to a shortlist. This resulted in a shortlist of five options which were then assessed via an Economic Assessment (i.e. value for money) and assessment against the five areas of the Outline Business Case (Strategic, Commercial, Economic, Financial and Management Cases)This exercise narrowed the options down to the final three which have been presented to the public. 

    How much will the different options cost?

    Current cost estimates range from £1,393,000 to £5,994,000 depending on which option is delivered and any supporting interventions required.

    How are these proposals being funded?

    Department for Transport have provided £700,000 funding for the development of the business case. Delivery of the scheme is currently unfunded. Bradford Council are currently exploring potential sources of funding.

    When will construction work start?

    There is no proposed construction start date as funding is only currently available for the development of the business case. Bradford Council are currently exploring potential sources of funding.

    Will the proposed crossing be compliant to modern accessibility standards?

    The proposed crossing will meet all legislation surrounding accessibility, Health and Safety and other similar requirements.

    Has an Environmental Impact Assessment been carried out?

    An Environmental Impact Assessment has not been carried out at this stage. However, the draft Outline Business Case contains an Environmental Appraisal Summary assessing the key impacts on the potential crossing on issues such as noise, air quality, landscape, heritage and biodiversity 

    Will the scheme have an impact on air quality?

    The scheme is likely to lead to an increase in walking and cycling usage, and a decrease in the number of vehicles using Keighley Road and Station Road. This will result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, less noise pollution and improved local air quality. 

    How will the construction of the scheme impact on traffic on the A629?

    The impacts of construction will be considered if the scheme progresses to construction stage. As funding to deliver the scheme is not currently available this has not been considered in any detail.