My children attend North Halifax Grammar School. Would they still have a school bus service in September 2019?

    Yes but  the cost of travel would be higher as services would no longer be subsidised by the Combined Authority.

    We live just outside of the 4 mile boundary shown on the map. Is it intended that existing services will terminate at the boundary?

    No.  The 4 mile boundary is simply intended as a guide and, therefore,  current services that terminate within a reasonable distance of the boundary will not be affected

    The service my children use would not be affected by the change to the guidelines. Does this guarantee that there will be no change to the service in September 2019?

    No, it does not. The Combined Authority assesses the requirement for school bus services prior to the start of each academic year and services may be affected by other aspects of the current guidelines.

    My children currently receive free travel. Would this be affected by the change to the guidelines?

    No, it would not.  Eligibility for free travel is determined by policies set by the local councils.   

    My children will moving into the sixth form in September. Does that mean that they not be given a place on a school bus?

    Generally, that will be the case. We will, however, take into account the individual circumstances of young people. Parents can include this information when completing the application form.

    I am considering moving to a new housing development. Do the changes to the guidelines mean that school transport will not be provided?

    Not necessarily. Where there are new developments, the Combined Authority will work with developers and local councils to ensure that the necessary transport links are in place. In some instances, this could mean the introduction of a school bus service.

    We live within the one and half mile boundary shown on the map. Does this mean that current school services will no longer collect children in this area?

    Not necessarily. The Combined Authority will take into account actual walking distances and the safety/suitability of the route to and from school.

    My children use primary school bus services. Will these services be affected by the changes to the guidelines?

    Not directly. However, some of these service are linked to secondary school services and could, therefore, be indirectly affected if a secondary school was to be withdrawn. Also, these services are reviewed annually under the existing guidelines to ensure that they are value for money for local tax payers. If primary school services are being considered for withdrawal, the Combined Authority will engage with parents, schools and other interested parties on a service by service basis

    The service my child uses is on the list of services that are subsidised by the local council. Does that mean that it will not be affected by the changes to the guidelines?

    That is correct. However, if the local council decided to withdraw funding, the Combined Authority would not subsidise the service. The service would, however, continue but on the basis of parents meeting the whole cost (between £500 and £700 per year).