What has been done so far?

    Calderdale is being transformed. Calderdale Council’s aspiration is to grow the economy, reduce inequality and build a sustainable future. 

    Elland station and the wider access package have been identified as one investment that will improve the transport network in Calderdale, improve connections across Elland, and support local business. Funding for the Elland Access Package (including Elland rail station) has been identified through the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund which aims to support economic growth by improving the City Region’s transport network, connecting people to jobs, and transporting goods to markets. 

    Elland station and wider access package are jointly managed by Calderdale Council, which is developing the wider access package, and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority which is developing the rail station. 

    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has appointed a development partner to progress the design options for a proposed new rail station at Elland on the Calder Valley line.  The Outline Business Case was approved in March 2019. 

    The first phase of public engagement on this station took place in summer 2018. A report has been produced that includes all the comments received during that engagement period. That report can be downloaded by clicking here.

    What other locations for the station have been considered?

    In addition to the proposed location, a further two options were considered for the station as follows:  

    1. A location east of Lowfields Way off the Elland Riorges Link  

    1. A location north of Exley Lane which was the site of the former station that closed in 1962.   

    These two locations were discounted at option selection stage. Option 1 was discounted due to the need to acquire third party land and the limited availability of land for car parking. Option 2 was discounted due to the need to purchase third party land and the fact that the site’s connections to other both the access package and the highway network are poorer than at the proposed site.  

    Where will the proposed new Elland station be located?

    The proposed new station at Elland would be located off Lowfields Way on the existing Calder Valley line.  Due to engineering, environmental and operational constraints and the availability of land, the location of the proposed station is preferred and the most appropriate. The station platforms would be positioned on the existing embankments at an elevated level, with lift and stepped access provided from the car park level. 

    What is the purpose of the station?

    • To improve journey time reliability for journeys to/from Elland. 
    • To provide opportunities to park and ride 
    • To increase the number of journeys made by train to/from Elland in order to support economic growth while reducing carbon emissions. 
    • To relieve road congestion including on the A629 
    • To attract new investment to Elland and retain existing employers in the area.
    • To increase the accessibility of Elland from within and beyond the Leeds City Region 
    • To support future housing growth in Elland and western parts of Brighouse by reducing transport constraints to development 

    Why was Elland station not delivered when originally planned at the same time as Brighouse station which opened in 2000?

    There was not enough funding available in 1999/ 2000 to progress a new station in Elland at that time.

    What does the Elland Access Package include?

    Alongside the development of a new rail station for Elland, a package of improvements has been developed to improve walking and cycling access to the proposed station location from across the town and wider area. These proposed measures includes new pedestrian and cycle bridges crossing the River Calder and Calder Hebble Navigation, improvements to existing pedestrian and cycle routes, and improvements to the public realm across the project area.  

    Is the proposed railway station at Elland definitely going ahead?

    Elland Station and the wider access package have been included in the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund programme. Funding to develop the station up to a certain point has been agreed. Beyond that, funding to build the new railway station is available subject to the project meeting certain requirements set by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the rail industryThe access package elements of the scheme have also applied for additional funding through the recently announced Transforming Cities Fund.  

    When is it likely to be open?

    Given the early stage of development it is not possible to state when the station will open. Current programmes anticipate construction starting in 2021/2022. However, this is subject to the project meeting certain requirements set by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the rail industry. Given they are being treated as a single project, the intention is for the access package elements to also be in place for the opening of the station.  

    How will the new station be funded?

    Funding has been identified within the West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund programme. Funding to develop the station up to a certain point has been agreed. Beyond that, funding to build the new railway station is available subject to the project meeting certain requirements set by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the rail industry. The access package elements of the scheme have also applied for additional funding through the recently announced Transforming Cities Fund.  

    How much will the new station cost?

    The current projected cost is £17.4 million. However, costs will be revised as plans for the station are developed further.  

    What provision will the station have for car parking?

    The station car park will use the land south of the railway line off Lowfields Way.  It is estimated that more than 160 parking spaces can be accommodated. The car park will incorporate parking spaces for blue badge holders, an area for drop-off/pick-up, cycle storage facilities, low energy lighting and CCTV.  

    Will station car parking be charged?

    Charging for rail station car parks across West Yorkshire is considered on a case-by-case basis. No decision has yet been made in relation to the proposed car park at Elland Rail Station.     

    What improvements will be made to local bus services to get to/from the station?

    An existing layby on Lowfields Way could be repurposed to accommodate regular bus services including a potential express bus option for the station. However, no current bus services operate via this route. Any future changes to local bus services will be subject to discussions with bus operators.  

    Will buses stop in the station car park?

    In order to make the most of the land available for car parking it is currently not proposed to provide bus facilities within the station car park due to the impact this would have on the parking provision available. Bus facilities could be provided on Lowfields Way (see previous question for more information).  

    What train services will call at the station?

    Development of a suitable timetable for train services on this route will be a continuous process throughout the development of this project. Our current intention is to achieve a minimum of a two trains per hour service pattern at this location.  We will continue to work with the relevant train operators and our colleagues at Transport for the North to deliver the most appropriate timetable that meets the needs of passengers based on the network capacity and the availability and suitability of the rolling stock.    

    Will the station be staffed?

    Based on the anticipated footfall, the station will be categorised as unstaffed. The train operator may choose to provide staff in the future. 

    What passenger waiting facilities will the station have?

    The station will have covered passenger waiting areas on each platform.  

    Will the station have facilities to purchase a ticket?

     Ticket vending machines will be provided at the station on both platforms. 

    Will the station have toilets?

    It is not proposed that the station will be equipped with toilet facilities. All trains calling at the station are equipped with on-board toilet facilities.  

    Will the station have lifts and be complaint to modern accessibility standards?

    Yes, the station will be fully accessible with passenger lifts from ground level to platforms level. Cross-platform access will be provided on the ground level via Lowfields Way with widened footway.  

    How many carriages will the platforms be able to accommodate? Will this be able to cater for future growth?

    The length of the platforms is constrained by the structure of the two adjacent bridges. Following discussion with train operators and Network Rail, we can confirm that the proposed 125m length is sufficient to meet the requirements of all trains likely to use this station.   

    Has an Environmental Impact Assessment been carried out?

    AEnvironmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening opinion was submitted for the station and Calderdale Council confirmed that a full EIA is not required for the station.  

    The Environmental Impact Assessment screening opinion for the Access Package is currently being determined. 

    Has a Transport Impact Assessment been carried out?

    A Transport Impact Assessment has not been completed for this scheme yet, but this will be done over the coming months. Discussions are ongoing between the Council and the Combined Authority on how best to complete this as the current traffic levels are significantly lower than usual due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    Who will be responsible for operating and managing the station?

    Our current assumption is that the train operator Northern will operate and manage the station. However, this might be subject to change as the station plans are developed further.   

    Will the station have CCTV?

    The station will be covered by a CCTV system including cameras located throughout the station platforms and car park.  

    What facilities will be provided for cyclists?

    The station will have covered cycle parking with low energy lighting and covered by CCTV.