When will the work start?

    This engagement opens the conversation about what future public transport schemes could be introduced that complement HS2 opening in 2033. It will inform and shape the development of a region-wide Connectivity Plan, which will look to identify a pipeline of schemes for delivery in the short, medium, and long term.   

    How much will the scheme cost?

    At this stage, it is too early to say what the scheme costs will be, but it is anticipated that a number of schemes will be high cost, but also deliver high value for the region. 

    What about the bus services?

    More people travel by bus than any other mode of public transport. Buses will continue to have an essential role to get people to work, college, leisure and shopping facilities. The Connectivity Plan is the opportunity to identify how we want all modes of transport (including buses) to develop over the next five to fifteen years.

    The Connectivity Plan will consider how different modes of transport can work together to ensure we are planning for everyone to travel, particularly in the morning and evening peaks, to accomodate the scale of growth forecast.

    What about introducing trams?

    Over the last decade technologies have moved forwards substantially. China has already introduced hydrogen powered trams. Germany is trialling autonomous trams (where the tram can drive itself with little human intervention), and Birmingham is operating battery powered trams. Where there is a need for a tram-sized vehicle, there is the opportunity for our region to embrace new innovative technologies as part of an integrated transport network.

    At this point, no decisions have been made about whether trams should be introduced – we want to hear your views.

    I don’t live along one of your proposed routes. Does that mean that I won’t get a better transport service?

    We have started by looking at those routes with highest demands. Further routes are being developed and will be considered through future engagements. The Connectivity Plan will need to take a region-wide approach to identifying the schemes which are required to support High Speed 2 over the next five to fifteen years.

    I live / work along one of your proposed routes. Will my house / business be affected?

    To date, no decisions have been taken around detailed routes. We will consult further about the developments as the proposals and plans develop.

    What will happen to my comments? What further engagement / consultation is planned?

    This is the very start of the conversation. We welcome feedback from everyone and will listen to all the responses.

    Further engagements and consultations will take place as more detailed proposals are developed.