Who is responsible for delivering the scheme?

    Bradford Council is responsible for delivering the scheme.

    Bradford Council is working in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

    The Combined Authority works with Local Authorities and businesses across West Yorkshire and York to create economic growth through large and small scale infrastructure projects such as this.

    What area does the ‘Bradford Shipley Route Improvement Scheme’ cover?

    This scheme is located on two main roads outside of the Bradford Ring Road towards Shipley:

    - A650 Keighley Road/Manningham Lane (Manningham Lane Corridor), and

    - A6037 Valley Road/Canal Road (Canal Road Corridor).

    What are the main objectives of this scheme?

    The main objectives of this scheme are to:

    •  Reduce traffic congestion and journey times
    •  Assist with the delivery of new homes, extension of employment space and creation of new jobs in the area
    •  Improve road safety
    •  Improve air quality
    •  Encourage use of more sustainable modes of transport (e.g. buses, cycles, walking)

    What are the timescales for delivering the scheme?

    The scheme is currently under development, the Outline Business Case (OBC) was approved in December 2019 and the detailed design stage will be submitted in March 2022.

    Due to the size and complexity of the proposed works the improvements may be introduced in phases, with some building work starting as early as 2022. It is expected that all roadworks will be completed by 2025.

    Who are the funders and what is the cost of the total scheme?

    Funding for the scheme is through the West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund which aims to increase employment and economic growth in the Leeds City Region.

    The Leeds City Region comprises of 10 Local Authorities of which Bradford is one.
    This fund will also be used to introduce a number of other transport improvements in Bradford District over the next few years.

    The total cost of this scheme is estimated in the region of £47 million.

    Are the relevant decision documents in the public domain?

    The decision documents are published both on Bradford Council and The Combined Authorities websites.

    For Bradford see: www.bradford.gov.uk/transport-and-travel/major-highways-schemes/wyca-schemes/

    For The CA see: www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/projects/west-yorkshire-plus-transport-fund/bradford-to-shipley-corridor/ (click link to business case summary on web page)

    The scheme is closely aligned to the Shipley & Canal Corridor Area Action Plan which informs on the councils long term plans for economic and housing growth, and associated infrastructure in this regeneration area, this can be found at: www.bradford.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/shipley-and-canal-road-corridor-area-action-plan-dpd/

    What has been done so far?

    Funding for the early phase of the scheme was secured through The Combined Authority to allow Bradford Council to start developing and promoting the scheme. This has allowed us to start undertaking initial studies such as transport modelling, air quality, noise, environmental, conservation and heritage, topographical surveys, to start engaging with other relevant council departments and start public consultations. This project is still at a very early stage.

    What will happen at the site where the Branch pub has been demolished?

    Demolition of former Public House / Branch Hotel commenced summer 2018, the building was unsafe and had been uninhabited for a number of years. The demolition decision documentation can be found on the council’s planning portal.

    A key factor in what may be possible in the future is improvements to the existing alignment of the roads, though we hope the public consultation, and other engagement already being undertaken will help to shape future plans here.

    What facilities will be provided for cyclists?

    As part of our scheme development we have started engaging with local cycle groups.

    What will Bradford Council do to address the air quality along Bradford and Shipley?

    Bradford Council's Air Pollution Team are currently working towards gathering baseline air quality data. Once the transport modelling work is complete, the team will determine the impact of air quality across the whole project area. The Air pollution team are also starting to investigate a possible clean air zone strategy for those areas that suffer high levels of air pollution.

    How will this scheme benefit pedestrians?

    We will be looking at ways to improve the walking environment and make routes more ‘walkable’. There are many major attractions to walking within the scheme boundary such as journeys to schools, colleges, football stadium, supermarkets, clinics that suffer somewhat through severance caused by barriers such as the two major roads, railway line and Bradford Beck. We would be looking to strengthen cross valley connectivity in particular for sustainable transport modes like walking and cycling.

    Will there be more pedestrian crossings?

    We would be looking to improve pedestrian crossing points where possible, your views on any difficulties you encounter would help us to identify problem hotspots and inform on any changes needed.

    Will the layout of the roads change?

    It is anticipated that in some areas the road layout will change to improve facilities for all user groups, though there has been no decision as to how or where this is likely to take place as yet. As we gather more information we will be able to develop the scheme and produce more detailed plans for future consultations.

    How will the junction alterations affect overall levels of traffic along the Bradford-Bingley Road corridor between Frizinghall and Bingley, and what impact will this have on traffic flows through Saltaire? Has work been done to establish this information?

    One of the project interventions is to make the A650 a high quality bus corridor between Otley Road and Hamm Strasse. To help do this ‘through’ traffic will be encouraged to use Canal Road as opposed Manningham Lane. It is not anticipated that any additional traffic will go through Saltaire however we do appreciate the sensitivity of the area. Currently we anticipate traffic to both reach and leave Saltaire more quickly due to shorter journey times along Canal Road, but the impact on Saltaire will be assessed from a Transport Model covering the projects extents.

    New traffic data was collected in November 2017 and a Transport Model covering Canal Road and Manningham Lane corridors, Shipley and Saltaire junction will be completed to demonstrate the impacts on various options. This exercise will form part of the development of the Bradford to Shipley Route Improvement project, and along with other inputs will helped us develop an option through 2019 progressing to detailed design in the New Year. 

    Will existing roads or bus stops be improved (resurfaced etc.) and what else?

    An assessment of existing road and surface conditions will be undertaken in the future to help determine this aspect. We will be looking to start consultations with bus operators in the near future with a view to seeing what improvements could be made.

    Will on-street parking be affected?

    Due to the size and scope of this scheme it is likely that on-street parking will be affected. We will have a better idea of where on-street parking is likely to be affected once we have a preferred scheme developed, though at this stage the extent and locations are currently unknown.

    When will the new homes developments at Crag Road and New Bolton Woods (NBW) be completed?

    The Housing developments at Crag Road and New Bolton Woods (NBW) are being undertaken in the following phases:

    Phase 1 Crag Road site and Livingstone Road site are due for completion 2019 / early 2020; Phase 1 Houses at NBW were completed in 2014.

    Phase 2 Stanley Road retail scheme is due for completion April 2020.

    Phase 3 housing 160 units under construction and due for completion 2021.

    There is outline planning permission in place for further future NBW Phase 4 that together with proposals for residential development on the adjoining Bolton Woods Quarry site will deliver up to 1,000 units and NBW Phase 5 at Poplar Road with a possible 80 units which are expected to come forward by 2025.

    Where and what is Bradford Beck?

    Bradford Beck starts as a number of different open streams which run towards Bradford City Centre where they join. Bradford Beck is then constrained by brick lined culverts and straight channels for much of its course until it meets the River Aire in Shipley. More information can be found at https://bradford-beck.org/

    What does the Canal Road Greenway project involve?

    The Canal Road Greenway will deliver a multi-functional green corridor helping to enhance biodiversity and ecological networks and provide a high quality setting for walking, cycling, sport and recreation along the Corridor. More details can be found at : https://northsearegion.eu/begin/bgi-pilot-projects/bradford/

    How can members of the public have their say?

    The next phase of public consultations will be held in spring 2020.

    There will be a number of engagements over the next few years as plans develop.

    We are encouraging people to register on www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk to be kept involved and informed about the launch of the phase 2 public engagement in spring 2020.

    How will local residents and businesses be kept informed on the progress of the scheme?

    There will be various ways in which local residents and businesses can have their say. Updates will be provided to those who have registered to follow the project via ourvoice@westyorks-ca.gov.uk/bradfordshipley and via press articles.

    You can also contact your Local Ward Councillor.

    Will there be more bus services operating along Canal Road?

    There will be consultation with bus operators in the near future with a view to seeing what improvements could be made.

    What will happen to the trees located in the area?

    In the unfortunate event we have to remove a tree we will replace it with another tree in a suitable location as close as possible. We will be looking at ways to increase the overall number of trees to help improve local amenity and biodiversity. There will be no net loss in tree numbers for this scheme.

    Are there as yet any proposed/published plans for the Branch junction? If so, roughly what is envisaged?

    There are no proposed / published plans for the new junction as part of this scheme, though it is anticipated that a preferred option will be developed in the detailed design phase.

    As this junction has been a site for concern historically, there are various feasibilities drawings from other schemes. An example of old published plans can be found in the reports pack taken to Executive in October 2014 “Connecting Airedale”

    With a better flow of traffic to Shipley how will you stop the increase of congestion at Saltaire?

    As part of the development for this project a scheme specific transport model is being created and will be used to assess the feasibility of various options and impacts on the wider road network. The Saltaire Junction has been included within this transport model.

    Is increased provision for electric vehicles to be made?

    It is likely that increased provisions for electric vehicles will be outside the scope of this project however our Air Pollution team is currently looking at improving air quality in the area and are preparing a business case with interventions.

    Can the proposals take into account the traffic caused by the Marlborough Road lights which at peak times can cause tailbacks all the way up Whetley Road and right up to Ingleby Road?

    Carlisle Road forms part of the inner ring road. The proposals will take into account the traffic light timings at the junction of Marlborough Road and Manningham Lane as part of the transport model being developed, this will help in assessing the impact of any potential changes here.

    Why is there no plans to improve access to Shipley from Baildon? The only viable route is over Baildon Bridge which is constantly blighted with road works.

    The funding for this project is location specific with the aim of making improvements between the City and Shipley along the Valley corridor, unfortunately this funding does not encompass the Wharfedale / Shipley corridor.

    What happened to the canal extension along Aire Valley from Shipley and the tunnel under Shipley?

    The proposed plan to Tunnel under Shipley is now several decades old and was not financially viable. Extending the Canal is not part of this scheme.