What is being proposed for the Leeds Bus Station improvements?

    The proposed improvements will include:

    • Enhanced retail and café facilities

    • Concourse – to include improved signage and wayfinding / new flooring with tactile guidance / RNIB audio units at bus stand areas

    • Installation of a solar panel system, generating electricity to make the bus station self-sufficient

    • New and realigned seating and replacement of the automatic doors and glazing

    • New travel centre facilities that also provide an open automated self-service travel and information centre

    • Improved accessible entrances via York Street and Dyer Street

    • Facilities for bus drivers to prepare and eat food and take rest breaks to improve welfare

    Who is responsible for improving Leeds Bus Station?

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority is responsible for making the improvements at Leeds Bus Station. The Combined Authority works with Local Authorities and businesses across West Yorkshire and York to create economic growth through large and small scale infrastructure projects such as this.

    What is the total cost of making the improvements to Leeds Bus Station?

    The estimated cost of improving Leeds Bus Station is £4 million.

    Why do we need to do something?

    As a key gateway into Leeds, the bus station no longer provides a fitting arrival for a major city. The Leeds Bus Station Gateway project aims to address this by transforming the environment of the station, through creating a modern and efficient layout that provides a better offer for passengers and will therefore encourage the use of public transport within the city centre.

    What do you hope to achieve by making the improvements?

    The aims of this project are to:

    · Provide an enhanced and inclusive customer experience for passengers moving through the bus station

    · Make the bus station an energy efficient facility

    · Provide a sense of place within and around the bus station by providing:

       - A gateway experience to passengers

       - Integration with York Street, Victoria Gate and St Peter’s Street

       - Seamless integration with the Corn Exchange

    What other options have you looked at?

    • Do nothing – Retain the existing bus station and make no improvements
    • Alternative Option – Aims to deliver a significant step change in customer experience including statement entrances and new streetscape features
    • Preferred option – Aims to deliver a moderate step change in the customer experience and energy efficiency of the facilities - the preferred option which delivers the most benefits and is within budget

    Why can’t the bus station be relocated nearer to the rail station?

    The role of the Bus Station serves a different purpose to other interchanges in the City Centre and the services are more inter urban. This means that there is little bus/rail interchange. The station is also a key interchange for the Markets and the growing Quarry Hill area.

    What are the timescales for improving Leeds Bus Station?

    Subject to approval, works will start on site in 2020 and will be due to complete in 2021.

    When will you have the detailed design?

    Detailed design will commence following this public engagement and is aimed to be completed in early 2020.

    What is a green living wall?

    A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium, such as soil, water or a substrate. Most green walls include an integrated water delivery system. A green wall is also known as a living wall or vertical garden. It provides insulation to keep the building's inside temperature consistent. Further information is available via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_wall.

    When will you start work on the improvements?

    Following approval of the full business case for this project we expect to begin work on this scheme in 2020.

    How can members of the public have their say?

    Members of the public can have their say via www.yourvoice@westyorks-ca.gov.uk/LeedsBusStation or attend one of the drop-in sessions where officers will be available to answer any questions.
    We are encouraging people to register on www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk to be kept involved.

    When can I take part?

    The consultation is open from Thursday 3 October until Monday 4 November.

    Who is paying for the improvements? Where is the money coming from?

    The scheme is being delivered by West Yorkshire Combined Authority with funding from the Connecting Leeds programme.

    What is Connecting Leeds?

    In December 2016, Transport Committee considered the submission of the Leeds Strategic Outline Case, which was a £270m package of measures to improve public transport in Leeds District. It included the £173.5m which had previously be identified for the NGT trolleybus project. Further information is available via www.leeds.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/connecting-leeds-and-transforming-travel/

    Can the money be spent on other things instead of improving the bus station? (e.g. bus services, other projects)

    This scheme has funding allocated to it as part of the Connecting Leeds programme and therefore the funding will not be able to be spent on any other proposals or scheme. If the Combined Authority does not accept the business case, then the scheme cannot go ahead and the money put aside for this project will be re-allocated elsewhere in the Connecting Leeds programme.

    Will there be any changes to my bus route?

    There will no changes to the bus routes currently serving this location.

    Will the work on site impact on my bus route?

    Work on site will not impact any bus routes. Changes to bus stands will need to occur as the refurbishment progresses but these will be clearly signposted at the time.

    Will any work on site be carried out during the day, and what will you do to minimise any impact on businesses/residents?

    The phasing of the work during the day still needs to be planned. Nearer the time of construction, local businesses will be provided with more detail about what will happen and where, but overall disruption will be kept to a minimum.

    How will bus users benefit?

    Bus users will benefit from these improvements by being able to travel through the station more easily and by being able to find their bus quickly and simply. Better waiting and boarding facilities will improve passengers travel experience and the environment of the station generally will be uplifted to provide a better-quality facilities for bus users.

    How will non-bus users benefit?

    Enhancing the frontages of the station and the public realm outside these entrances will create a more attractive environment for those pedestrians passing the station. Improved Travel Centre facilities will also be beneficial for all public transport users.

    Will all bus routes from the station continue to operate?

    All bus routes from the station will continue to operate.

    I work for a group/organisation and transport is important to the staff/business, can I take part in the engagement with shared views?

    Yes, we would welcome any group/organisational views on this scheme. Please make sure that you have permission to comment on behalf of your group/organisation.

    What will you do with all the feedback received during the engagement period?

    The feedback will be analysed and recommendations will be made.

    How will I be kept informed of the outcome of this engagement?

    There will be various ways in which members of the public can have their say. Updates will be provided to those who have registered to follow the project via www.yourvoice@westyorks-ca.gov.uk/LeedsBusStation and via press articles.